Why is Pristine Tile & Carpet Cleaning the best carpet cleaning fredericksburg ?

There are many carpet cleaners in the Fredericksburg Virginia area which can make it quite difficult to choose the one that’s right for you. We can’t speak for any of the others on their quality, affordability or customer service but we can certainly let you know why we think Pristine Tile & Carpet Cleaning is the best choice for carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg Virginia, and then you can make the decision.

Quality, affordability and customer service are the 3 main factors that consumers use to determine weather they like doing business with a company or not. Most people will tell you that you can’t get all three. For example: if the service or product is of very high quality it’s most likely going to be expensive. The opposite is also usually true…if something is priced very attractively it’s likely to be of poor quality. In many cases, it has been said ” You get what you pay for” and carpet cleaning fredericksburg is no different.

We at Pristine Tile & Carpet Cleaning keep this in mind every day and strive to deliver high quality carpet cleaning, outstanding customer service at an affordable price. In fact, we have over 500 legitimate five star reviews across the internet that were awarded to us from our customers whom we have worked for. The reason I say legitimate is because it’s not uncommon for companies to enlist the help of family, friends or worse yet, false internet profiles created for the sole purpose of generating bogus 5 star reviews. It’s no secret that you have to take what you read on the internet with a grain of salt, though it’s not too difficult to spot fraud if you have a lick of common sense. Spam and fraudulence usually can be spotted with broken English, foreign phone numbers etc… however these criminals always try to stay one step ahead. Our reviews are ALL from our neighbors, realtors, customers, property managers…all from right here in FredericksburgStafford, and Spotsylvania Virginia. We are pointing this out mainly because some of our customers have even occasionally questioned us about the abundance of outstanding feedback from all the top review sites such as GoogleYelpBing, Home Advisor and we even have our own review page right here on our own secure website https://pristinepete.com/customer-reviews/

So lets take a quick look at what sets us apart from the so called carpet cleaning competition, making us the best carpet cleaning fredericksburg.

Quality Carpet Cleaning

This is the most important part, in my opinion. People call us because they have a problem they want solved correctly. It could be a pet stain, red stain or a host of other stains, or it could just be the recommended annual carpet cleaning. In any case we have the training, expertise, equipment, and products to get the job done. We started cleaning carpet fredericksburg in 2006 and have pretty much seen it all. It’s important to let us know what your concerns are. Knowing what caused a stain is critical to the outcome of the removal. There is a specialty spotter for just about everything imaginable and we carry most of them on the trucks. However, this is an area where other companies lack. I have met many carpet cleaners across the country and looked in the back of many vans. Carpet cleaners are usually eager to open their van doors to show off their big bad truck mounted machine but what catches my attention first is the lack of specialty spotters.

Other than equipment and cleaning agents is the knowledge of how and when to use them. There is a lot more to cleaning carpet than one might think, carpet is made of different materials and fibers which may require different procedures. One of the most important steps of cleaning carpet is to leave the carpet well rinsed and of a neutral PH to avoid re-soiling. Pristine Tile & Carpet Cleaning delivers this on every single job! Why? because we care! We are a family owned and operated business that thrives from delivering quality.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Fredericksburg

This is almost always the first question a person asks when they call or email us…How Much? They have to make the decision if the service is worth it to them or in some cases if they have enough money. Carpet cleaning fredericksburg prices vary greatly based on a companies business model. If they have a large advertising budget they will likely be expensive but not necessarily the best choice as technicians come and go and to put it plain and simple, just don’t care!

Our prices are affordable and transparent. We have a very straight forward room pricing structure that is available for the world to see right here on our website. We are strongly against bait and switch and want our customers to know exactly what their bill will be upon completion.

Great Customer Service!

Pristine Tile & Carpet was founded in 2006 by Peter Diehl, and it is I that writes this article. Before my carpet cleaning career I had several other jobs that were all focused on customer service. My father and grandfather owned several retail businesses and restaurants that I was involved with from the time I could peal potatoes and wash dishes until my early twenties, no joke i was probably 8 or 9 years old. I also had jobs as a teen delivering newspapers and working as a clerk in grocery stores.  After moving to Virginia in 1993 I acquired a management position with a grocery chain here in Fredericksburg that lasted more than 10 years before heading over to Geico for about 3 years and gaining even more formal training in the world of customer service. So needless to say customer service is our specialty. We know how to treat people, we know how to act when we are in our customers homes, and we know how to provide great communication that is required in today’s fast paced business world.

Customers deserve to know when you’re coming, who’s coming, what will be done and how much it will cost. Pristine utilizes a state of the art customer service app called HouseCall Pro that does all of that and so much more. You will receive email and text confirmations when the job is booked, an email reminder 2 days prior to your appointment, and a text when we are on the way. You will also get a post card in the mail a year later as a reminder that you are due for cleaning again. We use email and text strictly for these business notifications and will never ever spam you with unwanted junk or share your information with anyone… my promise to you. We don’t like that, so we know our customers don’t either.

Another great feature that Housecall Pro has is online booking. You can choose your services and appointment time and we will be there! We will contact you to confirm the booking and have the ability to change or adjust any part of the job at any time. Not only do our customers love this feature but it helps us keep costs low which in turn keep your costs down. Book Online Now!

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