Woodlake ct Fredericksburg va

This was a move out cleaning on Sep 2 2014, folks are putting the house up for sale and needed the carpets looking their best!

Yep… This fellow decided the dining room and living room would be the best place to rebuild his motor, even I was impressed at how well it cleaned up. It all came out, remarkable!

Pet soil

This townhouse was recently purchased by our client, the previous renters had kept a couple of large dogs in this area of the house.

These folks were downright shocked when we revealed the original color of their grout.

Boarding house in Fredericksburg

This boarding house room was rented by a tenant that worked in a commercial kitchen…no problem!

Dirty grout in bathroom, most likely hairspray leaving a sticky soil attracting residue.

Stains in Carpet Spotsylvania Virginia

Rental off Chancellor Rd in Spotsy, before cleaning

After the carpet cleaning

After cleaning rental, tenants were successful in getting back security deposit.

Carpet Cleaning Companies In Fredericksburg Va

Carpet in basement after cleaning

Cleaning a Travertine kitchen floor in king george va

Beautiful travertine floor in a nice waterfront home in King George

cleaning tile & grout floors

Close up of tile & grout cleaning

Heavy clay soil traffic lane

Virginia clay traffic lane

Brick walls that get no sun

Close up of brick wall cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile floor cleaning with typical results…Great!

Affordable Carpet Cleaning

Berber carpet cleaning in Spotsylvania Virgina