Pricing for our services

***Important note***

Please note that these prices are only guidelines and we do our best to stick to them, however we reserve the right to inspect the property and charge accordingly. If the job is more or less than the prices set forth here, we will always bring it to your attention before work begins.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

We use a simple room/area pricing structure that allows you to get an idea of what your total carpet cleaning cost will be. For standard truck mounted carpet cleaning it is a minimum charge of $120 for the first room and only $40 per room/area after that. An area is any room, or hall up to 250 square feet. Areas larger than 250 square feet will be counted as multiple areas. Most closets are included, only very large walk in closets will be counted as an additional room.


1 – $120          6 – $320          11 – $520          16 – $720

2 – $160          7 – $360          12 – $560          17 – $760

3 – $200          8 – $400          13 – $600          18 – $800

4 – $240          9 – $440          14 – $640          19 – $840

5 – $280         10 – $480         15 – $680          20 – $880

Stairs – $50 per flight (1 floor to the next, usually 13-14 steps)

Standard carpet cleaning includes traffic lane pre-treatment and most spotters, however there are some things we do charge extra for. They include difficult dye stains, urine, filtration soil, excessive soil/stains, pre-vacuuming and furniture moving.

Additional Carpet Cleaning Services

These items below are NOT included in the standard pricing.

Red Stain Removal  $10 – $20+ depending on size

We use a special red dye remover and an iron and transfer the stain to a white terry cloth. This process has about a 70% success rate. Different types of carpet and weather or not the stain was incorrectly worked on previously are the main reason a stain will not come out.

Urine Treatments   $50 – $500+

This varies greatly due to the level of severity. There are actually 3 levels of service associated with urine treatment, we offer 2 of them.

Level 1 – is for mild issues which includes a enzyme based pre spray with an added deodorizer and normal extraction with the carpet wand.

Level 2 –  is for deeper stains that have soaked into the pad and sub floor. This is when we saturate the stain with urine treatments then extract with a special sub surface stain lifter tool. This service is about $20 per spot or more for larger stains.

Level 3 – is when the problem is so severe that the carpet padding has to be removed and replaced and quite often the sub floor needs to be sealed. This is not a service we offer.

Deodorizer – $10 per room/area

We will apply a all in one topical odor treatment to the carpet, this is not a remedy for severe odors coming from the pad or sub floor.

Pre Vacuuming    $10 per room

Every carpet cleaning job needs to be vacuumed prior to hot water extraction as 70% of the soil is dry and can be removed with a regular vacuum cleaner. This is something you can do yourself to save some money or have us do it for the added fee. If your housecleaning habits are good and you vacuum regularly or you have a house cleaning service you are most likely good to go, however, if it’s been a while or you have pets that shed, this will need to be done.

Furniture Moving   $2 – $5 per piece

Furniture moving is very time consuming and can easily double the time it takes to clean the carpets in a home. Most of our customers pick up the smaller items and place them on beds or sofas and we clean up to the outside edge of the furniture. If you prefer to have furniture moved, we will move it back and forth and place protective tabs or blocks under the furniture to keep it from damaging the carpet during the drying time. Small pieces like dining room chairs are $2. Larger pieces like sofas, dressers ect are $5. There are several things we will not move such as computers and electronics, pool tables, antiques, large beds, china cabinets, pianos ect… furniture being moved must be cleared off.

Pet Package $10 per room/area

We do quite a bit of move out carpet cleanings for renters. Many of the leases state that they need to have the carpet deodorized and a flea/tick treatment in addition to the cleaning.

Scotch Guard $15 per room/area

You just had your carpets cleaned, why not consider re applying the factory protection to help prevent permanent staining from spills.

Tile & Grout Floor Cleaning  .50 – 1.50+ per square foot

Most tile & grout cleaning jobs fall in the range of .75 – $1.00 per sf range. It really depends on how much tile you need cleaned.

Minimum charge for any tile cleaning job is $150

0-100 sf – $1.50 sf

100-300 sf – $1.00 sf

300-700 sf –  .85 sf

700+ sf  – .75 sf

Carpet Stretching

$100 – $175 per area

This varies based on many factors such as seams, floor vents, columns, closets, furniture moving ect…

We like to come out and look at each stretching  job prior to scheduling  the work. This way we have a good scope of the project and you will have a rock solid quote before the work begins. Stretching can be more involved than what it appears especially when dealing with halls and connecting bedrooms.